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ACT’s services are based on outstanding technical, economical and management know-how and experience: Incentive studies since 1976, Advanced Process Control (APC) since 1976, Model Based Control (MBC) since 1978. This allows us to locate production improvement or cost saving opportunities beyond expectations and to exploit them in a most cost and time effective way.

Tasks and projects in the field of Engineering and Technical Consulting include:


Work is always done together with the customer with strict focus on simple approaches and technologies, some little known. This delivers not only in the best benefit-to-cost ratio but also immediate operator acceptance.

Consulting is exclusively done by Hans Heinz Eder, the founder and manager of ACT. Thus customers will always get the full experience and expertise from over 30 years work at the forefront of technology.    

Some examples of consulting and engineering work:

·    Development of an MBC reactor temperature control scheme including a feedforward within        10 hours

Remote PID trouble-shooting: Just 10 minutes after electronic receipt of data from a troubled      distillation tower loop the proper tuning was mailed back to the customer.

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