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TOPAS - The Performance Tool

TOPAS is a unique, award winning Windows tool for better control in shorter time: It helps to improve existing or to develop new controllers or control schemes in a most efficient and effective way. It combines the most comprehensive and powerful toolset, an integrated simulation environment and a knowledge base.
Editor's Choice Award

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With its unparalleled range of features, TOPAS enables:

·    PID tuning / optimization / troubleshooting: The unique PID-Tuner stands as one of the                  best available as it uses not just one but 25 methods

    Controller selection: Comparison of various PID types, the Smith Predictor, Model Based
     Control, load vs. setpoint tuning etc.

    Easy and fast process parameter estimation - from open or closed loop tests or operating data

    Performance analysis: Powerful yet easy to understand statistics to spot problems and to
     locate improvement opportunities

    Decisions aids: Special graphics make it easy to decide if a cascade, a feedforward or
     multivariable control is needed

    Calculation of the economics allows to present achievements with hard figures and allows
     justification of projects.

The simulation environment allows testing the results under realistic conditions, often better than on the real process, e.g. for disturbance handling, while in the plant only setpoint tests can be made. You can compare different controller types and approaches and select the best suited - fast and easy.

TOPAS is more than just a toolset, it provides know-how and expert advice, leading to better solutions, and easier, faster and more enjoyable work. It helps especially to:

·    Optimize the performance of existing controllers

    Bring under-performing or decommissioned loops back to work fast

    Address tasks and use techniques that seemed to be too difficult

Two examples show how fast effective solutions can be found with TOPAS:

a) Loop troubleshooting in 10 minutes. Results of a setpoint test were received by e-mail. In           less than 10 minutes the process parameters were identified (first picture), new PID settings        calculated and mailed back. Shortly after implementation the loop stabilized. 

                                                      The base case                       

                                                               The results

b) Control scheme development in 10 hours: On a fed-batch reactor, within 10 hours the               necessary tests were carried out, the process parameters identified with TOPAS and a new         MBC temperature control scheme (including a feedforward) was set up.

TOPAS is also an excellent training aid: It has proven to cut training time and improve the results at the same time. You can learn process dynamics, controller selection and tuning, the effect of different valve characteristics or measurement locations etc., explore the potential of APC and turn theoretic knowledge into effective, practical use. Demos show the most important situations and many DCS features allow realistic work.

TOPAS helps newcomers and experts alike to:

·    Widen their skills with special know-how and methods

   Develop better controls and improve operations in the shortest time

    Save time, effort and money and present the achievements in a convincing way.

Despite its power, TOPAS is easy and fun to use and cost less than most packages for PID tuning alone. For its power and innovative approach TOPAS has received the Editors’ Choice Award from the Control Engineering magazine. 

>> Download the brochure here.