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ACT has been working with major manufacturers in Europe and abroad. Customers include major companies like:

3M, ABB, AES, Agip, Akzo,
Albemarle. Alzchem, AMI, Amoco, Amylum, Aptec, Aramco, Arco, AspenTech, BASF, Bayer, Bayernoil, Bharat, Biochemie, Borealis, BP, BRC, Cargill, Cemex, Chemserv, Clariant, Cognis, Corus, CSLBehring, cts-GmbH, Currenta, Degussa / Evonik, Donau Chemie, Dow, DSM, Dyneon, EC-Erdölchemie, EDL, Elmont, E.ON, Esso/Exxon, Eurotherm, Fina, Foxboro/Invensis, Gunvor, Hoechst, Honeywell, Huels, Ineos, Infineum, Lang & Peitler, Lanxess, Laporte, Lenzing AG, Linde, LyondellBasell, KNPC, MIRO, MSD, Neste, Novartis, Nynas, OMV, PCK Schwedt, Petronas, Phenolchemie, Provadis, Reliance, Repsol, Rhöm, Roche, Ruhr Öl, RWE, Sabic, Saras, Sasol, Shell, Siemens, Sipchem, SPE, Solvay, Spiratec, Sunkyong, Sunvic, Taminco, Tessenderlo Chemie, TET, ThyssenKrupp, Total, Treibacher AG, Vinnolit, Vinythai, UCB, Wacker, Xervon, Zellstoff Stendal, many engineering companies, universities and technical colleges.

Some examples of ACT's international consulting and engineering work are:

Power plant Czech Republic Incentive study for the change from the existing analog instrumentation to a Distributed Control System
Chemical plant The Netherlands Incentive study for the upgrade of the existing DCS, feasibility and economics of combining several control houses into one control center
Styrol plant Belgium Advanced control study. Definition of improvements of current controls and of additional advanced controls, application design basis document (DBM)
Glycol plant Belgium Advanced control study. Performance improvement of current controls, definition of additional advanced controls, incentive estimation, applications DBM
Amine plant Belgium Advanced control study. Definition of attractive additional controls, incentive estimation and application design basis document, implementation plan
Chemical plant Belgium Adaptive model based control of a fed-batch reactor for Polyether production. (Complete application development and tuning was achieved in one day)
Chemical plant Germany Development and implementation of strategies for stabilization of a highly integrated unit and for throughput maximization
Oil refinery Germany Middle distillate yield maximization using an EVOP approach
Chemical plant Germany Reduction of batch cycle time and improvement of the temperature performance on various fed-batch reactors
Oil refinery Malaysia Bid specification for a production planning and product apportionment system
Oil refinery India Development and implementation of advanced product quality strategies for a delayed coker unit

ACT is also active as Expert for the European Commission for project reviews (key topics: technical results, management effectiveness and exploitation strategies) in Manufacturing, Knowledge Management, eLearning and Virtual Enterprises.